Wordament 2.8.2 for iphone

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Description :

Wordament is an enjoyable word game in which your objective is to make as many words as you can from the letters on the grid.

How to play Wordament

If you've ever played Boggle, you'll know the format of Wordament. You need to make words from a 4x4 grid of letters by connecting adjoining letters. Simply hold and drag your finger over the letters to make the word. You can go horizontally, vertically, diagonally, and providing letters are touching, make connections in as many directions as you like. Letters in Wordament are assigned values from 1-10, so using 'harder' letters will score better.

Take on the World

What makes Wordament unique is that games are played entirely online in the form of live tournaments, where all online players take on the same grid in a two-minute battle to score the most points and make the most words. After every game you're shown the global leaderboard for that game and your position within it. After 30 seconds of studying this, a new game launches and you start over.

Wordament is great for stats. It records lots of data about your gaming history and contains comprehensive leaderboards so you can see how others get on. You can even make other Wordament players into 'frenemies', where you'll be able to compare their scores with yours after every game.

There's full Xbox Live integration in Wordament, with lots of achievements to make, and the promise of 200 gamer points just by playing it!

A picture tells a thousand words

The graphics in Wordament are pretty neat, and the neat sound effects are used sparingly. However, it shows that this is a port of the Windows Phone version of the game, as the graphics aren't quite as sharp nor the animations as smooth as that version.

The verdict

If you don't have a data connection then Wordament is useless, since the whole game is played online. It would be good if there were an option to play against yourself on your phone - or at least an option to go head-to-head with a friend in a two-player battle.

Providing you have an internet connection, Wordament is an excellent word game that really brings out your competitive spirit!

Download Wordament - Version: 2.8.2


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