Unroll Me - unblock the slots

Unroll Me - unblock the slots 1.4.7 for iphone

Description :

"Rollin' rollin' rollin'"


Turbo Chilli's Unroll Me reminds me of those "shift the tiles" games a lot of us had as kids. Scoot the blocks around the board to make a path for the ball to roll to the hole. Simple entertainment, folks. It gets harder as it goes along, but your skills should improve as well (assuming you are no numbskull). The ball advances slowly on its own, so think fast to lay out a path for it to follow.


You're looking at free, painless entertainment for your commute. The balance of stress and strategy is just right.


You can't skip ahead to the harder levels (and the easy ones are way too easy).

Original review from Feb 17, 2014:

Get the ball in the hole. No, it's not golf; it's Turbo Chilli's Unroll Me.

The setup is as simple as can be: rearrange the tiles such that the ball may safely roll through the pipes from start to finish. There's only one free square, though, and the tiles are all out of order. The ball rolls slowly, but you'll have to think fast to put the pipes in the right place. Unlock harder levels by progressing through the easier ones first.

The game is simple but rather clever; the timing is just right to permit a mix of strategy and stress. It would be nice to be able to jump straight into the super difficult levels just to see what they're like, though.

Turbo Chilli's Unroll Me is a solid casual puzzle game, good for all ages.

Original score: 7.6/10

Download Unroll Me - unblock the slots - Version: 1.4.7

Unroll Me - unblock the slots

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