Truecaller 5.51 for iphone

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Description :

Persistant spam callers are extremely annoying and - depending on your handset and network operator - there isn't always an easy way to block them. The same goes for identifying if that number that just called you is legit or someone trying to sell you something. Truecaller aims to help by both blocking unwanted calls and helping you find out who is calling.

Stop calling me!

Once you've entered your phone number, name, and email address, then you're good to go. Truecaller's main interface easily allows you to see your call history, filter this history, and then find out more about each number that has called you (for both unknown numbers and contacts).

One particularly useful feature is the ability to see the name of unknown numbers that use Truecaller's service. This led to me easily identifying several unknown numbers, which meant that I knew they were not spam and I should call them back. As Yelp is integrated with the app, you can also see business numbers that have called you.

Meanwhile, if you identify a number as being spam, you can easily block them. But don't worry, this process is reversible, so you will be able to speak to your mum/partner/best friend again. There is also the option to block all spammers that are in the Truecaller database, as well as block people who hide their number.

Blocking made easy

With a well laid out and clear user interface spread across three tabs (discover, search, block), Truecaller is easy to use. It's a slick app and it allows you to access any of the options you want within a couple of taps. Meanwhile, the blocking feature is effective (having tested it by blocking a contact and getting them to call me).

An app with a real use

With ever increasingly amounts of spam coming at us from all sides, it's great to know that there is an app that can shield you from this, while helping you recognize genuine callers. It's now as easy to block a phone number as it is an email, no matter what device you are using. Truecaller is a genuinely useful, easy to use, and well designed app.

Download Truecaller - Version: 5.51


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