Yolk! – Food for mood 1.0.5

To maintain a stable mood, check out some healthy recipe ideas.

Free Size: :7M

Squaredance 1.01

Squaredance provides a fresh puzzle challenge littered ads and poor UI choices.

Free Size: :42M

Chroma Squad 1.0.85

Chroma Squad brings a fantastic retro RPG worth playing through.

Free Size: :96M 1.4

While cards are good, ultimately feels too restrained to be great.

Free Size: :66M

Guns of Boom - Online Shooter 2.0.1

Guns of Boom proves how to do mobile online shooters right.

Free Size: :63M


Prepare to ask yourself what exactly is going on in this game.

Free Size: :98M

Gedup Alarm Clock 1.7

There’s not much here that you can’t already do in your clock app.

Free Size: :4M

Battle Bay 2.3.14743

Get on your raft and head to naval war.

Free Size: :217M

Addy: add text to photos, edit pictures with words 1.0.1

Addy brings a photo editor optimized for social networks.

Free Size: :41M

Panda Pop 5.5.101

A quick and simple bubble-shooter including Pandas.

Free Size: :264M