Antworld - Rise of the Queen 0.90.2

Create your own Ant Colony from scratch in this addictive economy runner. Race with the Ant Queen as fast as you can while collecting food, jumping over and dodging obstacles, and smashing bonus crates. Rush to build and expand your Anthill and subjects t

Free Size: :283M

Machines at War 3 RTS 2.1

"This game is epic" - iDownloadBlog "Easily one of the smoothest playing RTS experiences that can be had on the iPhone" - 148Apps Play 21 campaign missions with an intriguing story in this real time strategy game, build over 130 different types of units

Free Size: :192M

Tower Wars TD 1.0

Defend your lands against evil invaders! Your team will consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things. A deep conflict has been brewing between you and the evil invaders. Fight to protect your freedom and liberty. Fig

Free Size: :130M

Food Cats 1.0.4

Congrats, you’re the newest member of the Food Cats Support Foundation. Your new job is to rescue adorable kittens from being confused with food and put into lunch boxes! Use your Food Cats Tracker to find boxes with cute cats inside so you can save and k

Free Size: :65M

Spheroku Skillz 1.08

Spheroku: Fun, 3d, colorful way to solve sudoku puzzles. Spheroku game play is the same as the traditional Sudoku, but instead of 9 numbers Spheroku uses 9 colors. All games are great for beginners and sudoku speed players. Just like the classic Sudoku

Free Size: :173M

Merge Factory! 0.7.0

Ever dream of building your very own factory? Fingers itching for the production line - to build systems and processes, to build your very own automated? Well then, try your hand at Merge Factory!, the newest factory building title from Gram Games! The

Free Size: :131M

Zuzu · Binary Puzzle Game 1.12

Enjoy Zuzu, a binary puzzle game that tests your logic and skill! If you like Sudoku puzzles, you will love Zuzu! About Zuzu: Your goal is to fill in the board using only logical determination, similar to Sudoku. Tap a tile on the board to set or change

Free Size: :38M

Parking Escape 1.1

The goal of this game is to get your car out of a six-by-six grid full of automobiles by moving the other vehicles out of its way. Parking Escape is a simple and a nice game. How to play Parking Escape: • you need to move your car to the exit • horizont

Free Size: :63M

Fables Kingdom 2.0

The Fables Kingdom Game App will have you entertained for hours! Currently 1 Game in the App, but updates will included bonus games - all for FREE. In-app purchasing is available to make your gameplay more exciting and rewarding!

Free Size: :220M

Pool With Friends 4.0

Play an exciting 8 ball pool on your iPhone or iPad now! Rack the balls with a powerful break shot. Impress your friends your billiard playing skill! You don’t have to buy an expensive pool table just to enjoy fun and addictive pool party with your friend

Free Size: :76M