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Solver for Ruzzle FREE 2.2 for iphone

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Description :

- Solutions with 5 letters at most.
- All solutions unlockable with in-app purchase: "words length" option in settings will unlock after purchase.

***Best results with dual-core devices (5 and 4S)***
***New options, speed optimizations: read update 1.2 notes***

Solver for Ruzzle: solve any word game based on Ruzzle! It supports Ruzzle and every Boggle 4x4 board!

Solver for Ruzzle: it pushes words through notifications! You will never have to close your game to check the words! Configure how many notifications, how many words per notification, how many seconds between notifications and length of words.

Highly configurable: tons of options!

1) Manually insert letters: if you use Ruzzle on a different device or if you want to solve a generic Boggle board.

2) "Set and forget" mode: start Solver for Ruzzle with "Set and forget" mode BEFORE starting a Ruzzle game and put it in background. Then start your Ruzzle game and take a picture (HOME+SLEEP): solutions will come through notifications automatically!

NOTE: you have to click "Set and forget" at the beginning of every round, NOT just once when you start Ruzzle.

Some games just introduced an anti-cheat system. Solver for Ruzzle can bypass it BUT you MUST do the following:

A) When you switch from your game to Solver for Ruzzle, write letters AS FAST AS you can! If your game stays too long in background, the anti-cheat system will kick in. If you have trouble doing it, write letters down somewhere then insert them all at once.

B) NEVER, EVER, during your game, pull down the Notification Center (or lock the screen)! The anti-cheat system will activate! You will HAVE TO rely only on notifications as they appear: when they disappear, don't pull down the notification center to read them, just skip a particular one if you didn't see it. This is why you can fine tune notifications in Settings.

C) Do NOT switch your game to background more than 2 times. The third time, some anti-cheat systems will activate.

Localized instructions @support site!

Languages supported: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese (Brazil).

Norwegian coming soon! Please contact me for any additional dictionary you need.

DISCLAIMER: All trademarks remain property of their respective holders, and are used only to directly describe the product being provided. Their use in no way indicates any relationship between Solver for Ruzzle and the holders of said trademarks.

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Download Solver for Ruzzle FREE - Version: 2.2

Solver for Ruzzle FREE

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