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SeriousMD Doctors EMR/EHR - Medical Records 1.78 for iphone

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Description :

SeriousMD Doctors is the COMPLETE clinic management system & EMR / EHR built for the Filipino doctor. Store complete eletronic medical records and be in control of your medical practice with SeriousMD Doctors.

■ "The Search is OVER... I have been searching for the perfect EMR and after trying out so many mobile EMRs, I think this is it. SeriousMD it will be."

■ "Dream Come True for Practitioners... I believe this app will help revolutionize record storage and retrieval in the very near future! I'm glad these people gave us access to this EMR!"

With this app, you have the perfect EMR, manage your practice, schedule appointments, save health records, be productive & serve more patients.

It's the easiest way to manage and grow your practice without tons of paper and effort, no matter where you are in the Philippines.

In fact, it even works OFFLINE.

• You can manage your whole practice in one app. More clients, get more business & improve doctor-patient relationships.
• COMPLETE Patient Medical Records.
• Adapts to your daily process, whether you have a staff of 20 or none. Multi Device support and syncing!
• World class security technology & HIPAA compliant (
• Works for in-patients and even better for out-patients
• Instant access and updates to each patient’s records
• Take notes using a set of proven, built-in templates during your appointments. From SOAP, to prescriptions and even medical certificates, you have it all here.
• Highly secured data + backup functions for protection
• User-friendly, intuitive design. Clean, easy-to-get UI (user interface)
• Ease of transition from older scheduling systems. Importing option available! You can also talk to us about it.
• Auto Calculate Age of Gestation (Throw away your pregnancy wheel apps)
• Billing, accounting & analytics (Coming Soon)
• Works OFFLINE & works even BETTER ONLINE (it syncs/uploads when you next connect to the Web)

SeriousMD Doctor is designed exclusively for Filipino healthcare professionals.

It can reduce the chances of a misdiagnosis by helping you keep records as organized as they are accurate and you'll be able to SAVE more lives.

It also means less work at the end of the day. You get more time for patients & more time for YOU.


1. Download the app
2. Register for an account for FREE using the app
3. Fill up your profile information completely (You also gain access to your desktop companion browser app found at
4. Start using SeriousMD Doctors on iPad.
5. Love it? Refer your friends to use SeriousMD to get extra benefits!

• Creating an account is totally FREE.
• We have a moderation process to make sure that users are really medical practitioners to protect your identity.
• You will also have a browser app that syncs perfectly to your iPad.
• Fees & charges: We want to be transparent with you. Trust is very important to all of us. Currently, we are still looking into options. We'll announce ahead of time if we're going to start charging. It's not a priority at this stage.

The priority is making something YOU will LOVE.
Our focus is serving YOU and making the app the best as it can be.

• We recommend using iOS version 9.1 & above.
• If your iPad is using an older version, just update your iPad.

We built it to run even with the OLD iPad models.

We recommend using the following models for the best experience:
• iPad Mini 2 and higher
• iPad 3
• iPad air 1 and higher
• iPad Pro

As long as the iOS version is accommodated, you will be able to use and run it.

The newer iPad models have better hardware (more memory, better processor) so they can load things faster, which makes your already great experience with it a whole lot better.

Twitter: @seriousmd
In-App - Chat with us by tapping "Support"

Download SeriousMD Doctors EMR/EHR - Medical Records - Version: 1.78

SeriousMD Doctors EMR/EHR - Medical Records

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