Run Logger: Powered by LogARun

Run Logger: Powered by LogARun 1.1.2 for iphone

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Description :

Easily track and record your runs right from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch! All you need is to do is create a free account on and you can start using Run Logger today. Run Logger will securely back up all of your running data online to the LogARun servers. Run Logger includes three useful tabs:

-Calendar Tab:
• View a calendar of the past two months and click on any date to view your run from that day.
• Click the edit button to edit a multitude of different values for each run including distance, duration, daily note, day title, average heart rate, sleep hours, and more. Your run will then be backed up to LogARun.
• Click the sync button to download all of your runs from LogARun from the past two months.

-Teams Tab:
• From the LogARun website you can easily create and join teams along with other LogARun users. From the Run Logger teams tab you can view all of the teams you are on, and even tap on a team to view everyone's runs.

-Profile Tab:
• Create a weekly mileage goal and track your progress. You will even get a customized recommendation for how far to run each day in order to hit your goal.
• Customize a variety of settings including whether or not to add personal health data to your run on your iPhone and/or Apple Watch. You can also create a preset list of custom day titles and notes that you can choose from when posting a run from your Apple Watch.
• View general info associated with your LogARun account. This information can be edited from the LogARun website.
• In the LogARun website you can add your running shoes and then choose what shoe you ran in for each run. From Run Logger, you can also choose a shoe for each run, but the profile tab additionally has a centralized shoe analysis view, where you can view how many miles you have ran in each of your shoes so you know when to buy new ones.

Other Features:
• Full HealthKit integration. This means that if you use external devices such as an Apple Watch or other run tracking watches that back up their data to the Health app on your phone, your workout values for distance and duration will be automatically inserted into your run each day.
• Apple Watch app has options to set a day title or daily note via morse code so you don't have to dictate it.
• Background App Refresh integration and smart notifications
• If it is sometime after 7:00 PM and you have most likely already completed your run, Run Logger will check if you have logged your run yet. If not, it will search HealthKit for runs recorded from an Apple Watch or other fitness device and save these runs automatically, without you even having to open the app. You will also receive a notification describing which runs were saved. If no runs were recorded to HealthKit, you will receive a notification reminding you to log your run. You will never receive more than one notification a day reminding you to log the current day’s run.
• If it is sometime before 8:00 AM and therefore unlikely that you have already ran, Run Logger will check if you logged your run from the day before. If you haven’t, it will take the same actions described above, checking HealthKit for any recorded runs and saving them or reminding you that you never logged. Again, you will never receive more than one notification a day reminding you to log yesterday’s run.

Download Run Logger: Powered by LogARun - Version: 1.1.2

Run Logger: Powered by LogARun

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