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Description :

Welcome to the game of eating numbers and equations while avoiding being eaten yourself! This classic game is now available for your enjoyment on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Just like the old-school game you used to play but now blended with some new twists! You'll enjoy it as much as you did back in the day and now you can pass along the fun you used to have to your kids. They probably wouldn't be caught dead using the original hardware this ran on!

Your hero is Muncher. You'll be directing his movements and eating habits while on your quest. Your objective is to eat the correct numbers or equations based on the heading of the level you are on. But be warned: there are creatures out there called Troggles that will get in your way! You may remember some of those shady characters: Reggies, Helpers, Bashfuls, Workers, and Smarties.

Without the hardware of your Apple ][ handy, you now move around the grid by touching a box. To eat the contents of a box, double touch it. Since you are no longer restricted to moving one box at a time, you must learn how Muncher moves to be successful at avoiding Troggles!

For every correct answer you eat, you receive points. Once you have eaten all of the correct answers you will move onto the next level. You will lose one of your Munchers if an incorrect answer is eaten or you cross paths with a Troggle. The game is over when you are out of lives. You can briefly keep yourself safe from Troggles while inside of the roaming 'safe box'. After every three levels you can sit back and watch a short, classic movie of Muncher taking care of business. When your game is over, you may be fortunate enough to have made it into the world-wide hall of fame!

There are five basic types of levels for you to play:

- Multiples: only eat multiples of the given number.
- Factors: only eat factors of the given number.
- Primes: only eat prime numbers.
- Equality: only eat equations that are equal to the given number.
- Inequality: only eat equations that are NOT equal to the given number.

You may also play all types together in series or in random order. As you progress in each type the difficulty increases. There are 250 distinct levels awaiting you!

Varying levels of difficulty are available to challenge your math skills.Also, as the difficulty goes up, more troggles will come after you and you will have fewer spare Munchers on hand.The harder you make it the more points you will receive per eaten correct answer.

Have fun!

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Number Munchers

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