Minecraft - Pocket Edition

Minecraft - Pocket Edition 0.12.2 for iphone

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Description :

After its huge success on PC, developer Mojang has been able to adapt the gameplay of Minecraft for touchscreen, bringing the popular game to your mobile and tablet in the form of Minecraft Pocket Edition. It's time to dive into the building block world of Minecraft, a game that's become legendary. For any player with a creative mind, this game's for you.

A classic game of survival and creativity

Minecraft Pocket Edition starts with a random stage. You'll find yourself on a chaotic land in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by mountains, valleys, trees, and animals. In survival mode, the target becomes more vital as the sun sets.

Monsters will appear and try to eat you, and it soon becomes impossible to survive in the open air. To spend your first night under shelter, you either need to dig it, or build it. Once your basic survival is guaranteed, you can start developing your domain. In creative mode, you won't have any restrictions, so you'll be able to unleash your wildest ideas. Whether you want to build a castle, a boat or a cathedral, the sky's the limit!

Well-thought out gameplay for mobile devices

Collect wood, coal and stones: the Inventory menu will let you build almost anything you can think of using these supplies. Once you've unlocked the secrets of the exciting survival gameplay, you'll be able to create some really interesting structures and unleash your creativity.

With a well-thought out game system for touch devices, all you have to do is spend some time studying the game, and you'll be able to make anything you want. It's an excellent adaptation, especially since it has many options and lets you set your experience depending on the device you're using.

Efficient, even if it's not graphically impressive

The soundtrack of Minecraft Pocket Edition isn't that good, and if you're not a fan of pixelated blocks, this game isn't for you. If, however, you love exploring and have always dreamed of becoming Robinson Crusoe in a virtual environment, Minecraft Pocket Edition will indeed meet your expectations.

An active user community is there to help you, and the multiplayer mode opens the possibilities even further. Regarding the technical aspect of this mobile version, I must admit that the developers have done a great job: the game is efficient and fast, and everything runs smoothly. The only drawback: the resolution of the game isn't very good, limiting the field of vision on the screen.

An unrivaled game

Minecraft Pocket Edition is an infinite world game that is incredibly innovative, deserving the title of a sandbox game. Amid the many Minecraft clones that have launched for mobiles, don't be mistaken: the original Minecraft is still unrivaled.

Download Minecraft - Pocket Edition - Version: 0.12.2

Minecraft - Pocket Edition

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