MindFi: Eye-opening Meditation

MindFi: Eye-opening Meditation 1.6.1 for iphone

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Description :

We did not build MindFi for experienced meditators. We built it forbeginners to gain focus and improve your attention in small, simple steps that build up to a lasting habit. Rome was not built in days. :)

This is why MindFi is designed for use with minimal change to your lifestyle. Firstly, you don't have to close your eyes. This means you can practise DURING a normal day at work or home.

Try MindFi during a daily commute, meal or one of your work breaks. Learning to meditate during an existing routine makes it easier for you to remember. Our meditation teacher, Toby Ouvry, an ex-monk with 17 years of teaching experience, will guide you.

Really busy and worried you have no time? Try our "Deep Work" mode. It is simply a focus timer that prevents you from getting distracted for 25 minutes and ends with a 5 minute meditation break. It is based on the popular Pomodoro technique for higher productivity.

MindFi is best experienced with headphones.


Practise a short meditation during your daily meal, commute or break. We have pre-populated them in a daily timeline. Just do 1 a day.

Carefully curated mix of short 3-5 minute sessions and longer 10-minute sessions. Try it and see the difference it makes.

Fight distractions from other apps by turning this on for 25 minutes, followed by a 5-minute meditation session to help you focus better.

Attention can be trained with daily objects around you anytime, anywhere. Your office chair, house pet, Facebook feed, even in the restroom!

Background ambient sounds can play in the background even if you do not meditate.

Download MindFi: Eye-opening Meditation - Version: 1.6.1

MindFi: Eye-opening Meditation

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