TecTrack 1.5

TecTrack is an app brought to you by Biogen, to help you keep track of your Tecfidera® (dimethyl fumarate) treatment. Download the application to: * Track daily doses and common side effects * Set up personalized treatment reminders * Keep track of your p

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myControl App 2.0.0

The myControl App gives you effortless hearing tailored to your individual lifestyle. It does more than enable direct streaming, it also sends information to your hearing aids for the best possible hearing while you are on the move, ensuring your relaxati

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HR Simplified, Inc. WealthCare Mobile 6.0

Save time and hassles with the WealthCare Mobile App. Check your balances, transactions, and claim details for all your reimbursement accounts. 

EASY AND CONVENIENT ∙ Designed to work just as other iOS apps, making it easy to learn and use ∙ Shares user

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The CALPOL® App makes it easy to keep track of medicine dosage for your child & has many other great features to help you take care of your child when they’re feeling ill. DESIGNED FOR MUMS & DADS We’ve all been there: struggling to remember what time we

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Nursing Drug Handbook 4.0.0

Find complete monographs on over 3,500 generic and brand-name drugs—including 49 new drugs approved by the FDA in the past year—along with essential details on each drug’s: • Available Forms (P.O, I.V., subcutaneous, inhalational, etc.) • Indications & Do

Free Size: :42M Pregnancy & baby apps 4.15.0

Communicate with other future mums and share your concerns!. Preggie - Pregnancy Chat is a social network for pregnant women, providing an effective and interesting tool for future moms to socialize and share tips. Find pregnant women around you, follow a

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Pregnancy + 4.7

Finally! A pregnancy tracker with a brilliant design. There are many apps for pregnant women, but few look good or are actually useful. But we've finally found one! What's most striking about Pregnancy + is it's sleek and smart design. The

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Pill Reminder by Medisafe 5.4.8

A useful utility app for remembering when to take your medicine. MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminder wants to make sure you don't forget to take your medication when you need to. Keep track of what you need to take and when. Align data with medical in

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Glow Baby Newborn Tracker App 1.8.0

With a ton of different measurements, you can be on top of your child's development.. Glow Baby is a reliable and easy way to store all of the information about your child so that you can remember it, share it, or even tell your doctor about it. THE

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Tactio HEALTH 7.13.6

Tactio Health App helps you track and manage a wide range of health data from simple manual logging or syncing with connected health apps and medical devices. It is packed with science-based rules that provide you a reference range on every data that it g

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