Migraine Buddy 24.2.7

Fill in a daily diary and detect triggers to avoid painful episodes. Migraine Buddy is a personal tracking tool to help those who suffer from severe migraines. It functions a simple bit effective symptoms diary, helping you detect triggers for you to avo

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PM&R Board Exam Review 5.2.0

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Board Review is a comprehensive interactive self-assessment study resource for medical students, residents, and junior attending physicians in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Review specific PM&R subjects quickly

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DigitalDentalStaff 1.0.3

Digital Dental Staff is an app available that allow users the freedom to browse job opportunities, choose their availability (full time, part time, or custom dates), and apply to jobs with a simple click. The app also allows businesses to search for pot

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Hidoc Dr. 1.2.3

Hidoc Dr. assists Doctors to 10x their learning in 1/10x of the time through relevant Medifacts (Back to College), thoughtful Health Tips and Educational Virtual Clinics. Back to College brings Doctors detailed Articles, relevant Images and thorough Vide

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Bupa Instant GP 2.7.2

• Bupa Instant GP - For booking a GP appointment on your phone in minutes • Bupa Instant GP is a personalised healthcare service that gives you access to medical advice and appointments with qualified GPs. Bupa Instant GP takes the hassle out of s

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Proteus Discover 3.2.0

This app is part of the FDA cleared Proteus Discover® program available by prescription only. WHAT IT DOES Discover automatically keeps track of every medication you take with the Proteus sensor so you’ll know you’re up to date or if you’ve missed a dos

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Transplant Hero - Medication Reminder, Pill Alarm 1.9.2

Transplant Hero is a beautifully created app that helps transplant patients deal with the seemingly impossible task of taking their immunosuppression medications in a timely fashion. Transplant Hero is the unique medication reminder where patients can

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MedTracker 3.13

MedTracker is a complexity free application that records the dates and times over-the-counter or prescription medications have been taken. For someone taking prescription medications it’s not uncommon to miss the correct time to take the medication. MedT

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Lung Nodule Manager (2017) 7.1

Indeterminate lung nodules are frequently discovered on CT imaging - either incidentally or during low-dose lung cancer screening. The most up-to-date guidelines for managing incidentally discovered lung nodules and lung nodules discovered during lung sc

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BB pocketcards 2.3

pocketcards – Guideline Driven Medical Reference *** ENDLESS SUMMER SALE! Incredible Savings of $129.00 – For a Limited Time - All Apps For Only $19.99 *** New App From the Leading Publisher of Medical Pocket Guides Don’t miss out on the ENDLESS SUMMER

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