Lunar Racer

Lunar Racer 1.2 for iphone

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Description :
A physics based racing game.

From Noodlecake Studios, the same who brought us the arch-addictive Super Stickman Golf, arrives Lunar Racer.

Touch the left side of the screen to increase your grip and land before you are thrown out of the road. If you touch the right side instead, you'll boost your engines consuming nitro. At the bottom center you'll find a place to activate power ups in case you have any. Besides, your vehicle automatically accelerates, so it's actually very easy to get the basics of Lunar driving. When you tilt your Android, your car will tilt too. If you land on your wheels, everything's fine. Otherwise, you crash. If you want to go one step further and make flips in the air to refill your nitro meter, go ahead.

Power ups can be for defense -shields, mines- or attack -missiles, much in the way of Mario Kart. You can pick up "moon bux" to spend on new vehicles and upgrades. In the end, everything's pretty obvious, because the main strength of Lunar Racer isn't its Flash-like graphics -which are pretty cute by the way- nor its originality, but a difficulty curve planned with care, a good and reasonable physics job and an awesome addictiveness. There are a lot of races and stuff to unlock, so there' are hours and hours of gameplay. As if that wasn't enough, there are bonus stages when you make a racing fulfilling all the secondary goals.

We only could ask for some kind of multiplayer mode or any craziness to play further with gravity, such as underwater or zero G races. Absolutely recommendable. Fun for fun's sake.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

Strap on your moon boots and fire up your nitro boosters because the real space race is about to begin!!

Sure there's racing games... but then there's racing games with powerups! Ever tried racing with homing missiles, land mines, bubble shields and gravity thrusters? Yeah, didn't think so!

Shoot, dodge, blast, and nitro boost your way through the solar circuit. Achieve the ultimate prize and conquer the solar system by beating any competitor in your way!

From the creators of Super Stickman Golf, Lunar Racer is the next casual racing sensation!

***** FEATURES *****

- 16 unique tracks, with beautifully designed extraterrestrial terrain.
- Competitive multiplayer mode with up to 4 of your friends!
- Simple pick-up-and-play action.
- Hundreds of vehicle customizations.
- 6 different weapon combos to help you defeat your competitors
- Achievements, bonus goals, and leaderboards up the wazoo!

*** Notes from the Noodlecakers ***
- Follow us on twitter @noodlecakegames to keep up to date.
- If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact us through our website at

Download Lunar Racer - Version: 1.2

Lunar Racer

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