Lake: Coloring Books 2.3.7

Lake brings fantastic coloring pages locked down behind a costly paywall. A picture is worth a thousand words. But how much more if you yourself color it in? Designed to help you quickly de-stress, Lake provides digital art coloring pages for you to pour

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DOWN Dating: Flirt and Hookup 5.2.4

Break through the friendzone with Down. This is Bang with Friends official app, now named DOWN. The app connects you to your Facebook and searches for people around you who also have the app installed. You have two options: date or get down. The other pe

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Text Free: Texting App + SMS 11.8

Use this app to text and call from any device that has data or Wi-Fi.. This free texting app does what it says it does. It gives you a free U.S. phone number and allows you to call and text any U.S. phone number. While texting and incoming calls are free

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Day One Journal 2.5.10

More than a journal, it’s the life tracker you need. Day One is a distraction free journal app with a beautiful, graceful design. A small app that packs an insane amount of functionality, you can record details of your daily life, feelings and act

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Daily Audio Bible Mobile App 1.0.5

Welcome to the official Daily Audio Bible mobile app! The Daily Audio Bible takes you through the whole Bible in a year one day at a time but it's a lot more than that. This isn't just your basic listen along. The Daily Audio Bible is read fresh every da

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Live Wallpapers & Themes 1.1

Amazing Live Wallpapers for iPhone! Finally bring your screen to life. Designed specifically for iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X Enjoy a totally new way to customize your screen: from beautiful abst

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SEEKer - OnlineDating & Hookup 1.0.8

Find the right people dating in your area and over 4 Million people already using SEEKer! SEEKER is a creative club designed for all kinds of peope. Through our app, users get what they want. Do you want people on your terms and change your life for the

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All Guitar Network 1.0

All Guitar Network is dedicated to the GUITAR and the GUITAR PLAYER offering viewers the best original and aggregated guitar-centric content from around the world. Films, documentaries, news, reviews, interviews, lessons, vintage, songwriting, tech and r

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99 Names of Allah Asmaul Husna 1.0.4

99 Names of Allah - Asma-ul-Husna, Can read and listen 99-Names of Allah with nice Audio with synchronized Asma ul Husna Names. The 99 names of God in Islam (or the 99 names of Allah; Arabic: أسماء الله الحسنى‎ 'asmā' allāh al-ḥusnā) are the names by whi

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iMoodJournal 3.5.3

This beautiful app is an ultimate journal, personal diary and mood charting tool. It can track not only mood, but anything you like: sleep, medication, symptoms, stress and anxiety, energy level, cycles, etc. It will help you discover causes of your ups a

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