LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion From Below

LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion From Below 2.2.0 for iphone

Description :

"The Next Futuristic Lego Game"


Lego Hero factory Invasion is a good looking game that provides a good dose of adventure while taking you back in time. Who didn't play with Lego when they were a child? Now you can watch your creations battle it out right before your eyes.


This game has good graphics and sound. The idea of using Lego as the hero and villain makes sure we are looking at what we're supposed to. Expect a decent amount of free content, which increases replay potential.


The file size is quite large and the load up times can be pretty long between sequences. The game also froze once while it was loading up to the home screen. Some of the desirable mechs are not available in the free version.

Download LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion From Below - Version: 2.2.0

LEGO® Hero Factory Invasion From Below

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