Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings

Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings 1.0.9 for iphone

Description :

"Take down enemies"


In Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings for the Android and iOS, you’ll hack and slash your way through different dungeons, earning that sweet, sweet loot and upgrading your character. When you first play, you’ll choose from one of three classes: Berserker, Bladedance, and Sorceress. Then, once you’re in, you’ll use the on-screen buttons to move around and use your character’s special abilities. You’ll clear waves of mobs before finally taking on the boss in each stage. Complete stages as fast as you can to earn stars and better rewards and earn money and items by turning in finished quests.


Legacy of Discord doesn’t disappoint visually, featuring great animations, and also sports an excellent soundtrack and sound effects, featuring familiar and accessible controls, and can be quite fun to play, if you ignore the false advertisements, that is.


Unlike the description and advertisements, no, you can’t fly, and no, you can’t explore as it’s far too linear, and unfortunately, Legacy of Discord quickly becomes just another generic hack and slash action RPG dungeon crawler that sticks way too close to the formula, destroying any promise it had.

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Download Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings - Version: 1.0.9

Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings

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