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EVOLUTION 3:59 1.4.9

EVOLUTION 3:59 Video Trainer & Workout Tracker Stream instructional videos led by Ron Mathews and demonstrated by Joe Manganiello. Track your workout of the day, programmed by Ron Mathews. Track your light, moderate and heavy weights for each exercise. T

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giantgood 1.2.1

Life can be overwhelming, but creating more joy, connection and meaning every day doesn’t have to be. With simple daily acts, giantgood encourages you to take a break and engage. You’ll see how completing acts and sharing creates giant impact. Take the st

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FitTime5 1.0

WHY FITTIME5? FitTime5's focus is a paradigm shift to emphasize more on correcting muscle imbalances to help combat the sedentary lifestyles we have at work and at home. We want you to be able to answer the question, what does our body really need to feel

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Workout - Free Streaming Music - Surge 1.0

All the workout music you could ever possibly imagine all in one place - updated daily! Watch backstage interviews, music videos, live concerts, and many other related videos of the artist you are currently listening to. This app has broken down workou

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Maipo -Pedometer with Calendar 1.2.8

“Walk Everyday - Step Counter Maipo” is a very convenient pedometer app that automatically calculates the distance walked, time, and calories burned. On the screen that shows steps walked daily, you can easily see how far you have walked and your goal for

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mySleepButton 1.4.7

Relief from sleeplessness with the press of a button. mySleepButton® is a CogSci Apps® invention designed to help you fall asleep. It’s so easy: Just lie in bed, push the “Put Me to Sleep” button, imagine the various descriptions it reads to you, and let

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Life Cycle - Track Your Time 2.0.2

Life Cycle - Track your time automatically From the team that brought you Sleep Cycle, we've created another app that helps you automatically track your day. Life Cycle automatically keeps track of your time and presents your life sorted into slices. It

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Dukan Diet - official app 1.4

The Dukan Method is the result of doctor and nutritionist Pierre Dukan’s 40 years of experience and is one of the most successful dieting tools in the world today. Meet the official mobile app! Main features: • True Weight Calculator; • Diet Diary: moni

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Shine - Daily Motivation 1.4.0

“I’m obsessed! This app reminds me of a cross between Spotify and my Nike fitness app. It’s like the pump-up version of traditional meditation.” - Chloe L. (real human & Shine user) The Shine app is here to help you crush life. And when you just don’t fe

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Barbell Loader and Calculator 1.0

Tired of focusing more on math than lifting at the gym? Designed by a weightlifter, Barbell Loader is for: -Olympic Weightlifters -Powerlifters -Bodybuilders -CrossFitters and everyone else who lifts weights. This app is perfect for saving time at Weigh

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