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Shryne 2.4.3

Keep chronological archives of the entirety of your previous digital relationship with anyone no longer in your life. Your digital memories of someone don't have to be fleeting. Shryne gives you the tools you need to link together your interactions

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Wild Edibles Plus 1.5

An info-packed reference tool for how and what food to forage. Don't be fooled by the drab and unattractive interface: Wild Edibles is a seriously useful reference guide for anyone interested in foraging their own food. the app is packed with useful

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Universal Breathing - Pranayama 2.9.1

Slow breathing exercises to lower stress and increase general well-being. I don't know much regarding New Age hoodoo (nor that voodoo that you do), but I do know I'm a big fan of breathing. Saagara's Pranayama app purports to take this oxyg

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3 Day Military Diet 1.0.2

An app to get you eating like a soldier. 3 Day Military Diet is an app that offers us a 3 day diet plan which promises to help us lose weight. The app has got a menu that you need to follow for three days, a list of products that you need to get, a graph

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The Grunt Fit App 1.1

The Grunt Fit App is designed to safely help you meet your fitness and nutrition goals. This free app will tell you what to do to meet your goals and serve as the “Drill Sergeant” in your pocket. The Grunt Fit App provides customized meal and workout plan

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Greater - Group Goal Support 1.1

Get a pop-up support group in your pocket with the Greater app. We'll help you commit to that diet you've been meaning to try with others like you in a friendly, fun, and effective platform. Whether you're trying to lose weight or just working to feel

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Mind Journey 1.9.0

The demands of the modern world on our time and mental resources are increasing steadily. Many of us feel stressed, out of balance, or have trouble sleeping. We feel like we cannot switch off when we want to, and that pressures and expectations keep pushi

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Daily Burn - Video Workouts 3.8.6

Have fun and get fit with Daily Burn – personalized workout plans! ***Featured in the New York Times, Vanity Fair, Shape, Good Morning America and the Today Show*** FIND YOUR IDEAL WORKOUT Our assessment tool finds the best workout for you! We’ll guide

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The Betty Rocker 2.1

The Betty Rocker is a health and fitness community that will empower you to Rock your BODY and your LIFE with anywhere workouts, healthy recipes and motivational coaching. #stopdropandbettyrock

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Moov Studio: Fitness Workouts 1.0.2846.41

Be the best YOU in 2018! Get FREE boutique studio classes on your phone from Moov Studio. “Fantastic! The music was great and the trainer hit all the marks. I really felt like she was talking to me.” - Melissa "It's like having all my favorite fitness

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