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Chest workout plan 6.1.6

“Workout where, how and when you want” with the original 3D personal trainer with whom millions of users have worked out since 2012, generating 50 million app downloads and one billion views on You Tube. Beware of imitations ;-) Try right now our famous

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MindFi: Eye-opening Meditation 1.6.1

We did not build MindFi for experienced meditators. We built it for beginners to gain focus and improve your attention in small, simple steps that build up to a lasting habit. Rome was not built in days. :) This is why MindFi is designed for use with mi

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Primed Mind - Motivation Coach 1.6.4

Unlock your potential, be better, be primed for anything with Primed Mind mindset coaching. You will experience the same visualization and goal-setting techniques used to train the world’s most notable phenoms. With the guidance of your personal mindset

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ELEVEN by Venus 1.2

Fashion-forward athletic apparel brand owned, operated and designed by tennis legend Venus Williams. Featuring new collections, fantastic savings and frequently updated products.

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Asanas - Health Benefits 1.0

Yoga asanas are excellent form of exercises that have immediate and long term benefits. If they are performed properly it quites mind from all the distorting thoughts. This application brings you the yoga poses which is a best exercise for people who are

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Run Logger: Powered by LogARun 1.1.2

Easily track and record your runs right from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch! All you need is to do is create a free account on and you can start using Run Logger today. Run Logger will securely back up all of your running data online to the

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Lose It! – Calorie Counter 9.2.1

Track daily diet and activity levels over time. It's been demonstrated time and again that the best strategy for getting in shape is to keep track of the relationship between your diet, exercise, and results over time. Lose It! is a popular nutrition

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SquadRunner 6.2

Keep accountable for the rest of your squad and lose a few pounds.. Squadrunner is an easy to use team challenge so that you can monitor your movement and running. You'll join up with people from all over and try to beat out other "squads."

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Pare - Quit Smoking Cigarettes 1.0.1

As most smokers know, quitting is not easy. To be successful, you need to stay motivated throughout the quitting process and learn how to overcome cravings. Unfortunately, current quit-smoking products provide neither.  This is why we created Pare - an a

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Sleep Sounds- Relax Meditation 1.0

With this app you'll sleep tonight, guaranteed. Its the most effective & highest quality sleep app Take back control of your sleep with Sleep Sounds and join our community of millions that sleep better every day. Start sleeping now and enjoy full nights

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