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Bodyweight Crunch & Push Ups Bodybuilding Routine 4.6

Learn the most effective and easiest way to workout your entire body WITHOUT a gym Whether your a beginner or seasoned veteran... This is the ONLY app you will ever need to get into shape! HERE'S WHAT YOU GET ==================== Features : 8 Rock

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WeCroak 0.80

Find happiness by contemplating your mortality with the WeCroak app. Each day, we’ll send you five invitations at randomized times to stop and think about death. It’s based on a Bhutanese folk saying that to be a happy person one must contemplate death fi

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Stretching & Flexibility Plan 1.5

Stretching is very important for flexibility, range of motion and injury prevention. Adding stretching into your daily workouts is a given but including it in your day routine is just as important to health and body functioning as regular exercise. Stre

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MYOS: Workout Anytime Anywhere 1.0.2

What is MYOS? Myos is an easy-to-use fitness app that brings 5-star personal trainers directly to you, wherever and whenever you want! Designed for busy, health conscious people like you. Myos always delivers a highly effective customized workout specif

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Zen Compass 1.0.93

We've curated some of the most experienced meditation teachers to help you overcome the number one challenge with meditation - making it a daily habit! We believe by meditating with a community, you can keep yourself accountable to sit. Our classes are li

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Brainbuddy: Porn Addiction 8.0.6

*Celebrating 1,000,000 downloads. As featured in TIME magazine.* Addicted to porn and masturbation? Reboot your brain. Reboot your life. Brainbuddy is designed to rewire your brain, freeing you from sexual addiction so you become stronger, smarter and

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3D Yoga Anatomy 3.1

3D Yoga Anatomy is a tool for students and teachers that ventures beyond the basic shapes of the poses, illustrating the effective forces that bring these poses to life. Features: • 40 essential poses with variations • 360º view of all poses! • In

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Fitbod Workout Tracker Gym Log 3.0.0

A great app that helps weightlifters and body builders make their goals.. Fitbod Workout Planner helps you to log your fitness so that you can create a healthy lifestyle. It works in real time to allow you to work all parts of your body at the best time,

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Smart baby stimulation activities development app 1.2.2

An interactive and fun educational app for babies and toddlers. Smart Baby Sensory Stimulation is an interesting stimulation app that helps develop your baby's senses. This is the perfect app for using as your baby grows and develops their cognitive

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Aetna Health 1.0.4

The new Aetna Health(SM) app can help you manage your health needs - simply and quickly. We've designed our app to be easy to use, making it intuitive to you and what you prefer. Quickly find a doctor and see how much it may cost. Manage your benefits and

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