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Brainbuddy: Porn Addiction 8.0.8

*Celebrating 500,000 downloads. As featured in TIME magazine.* Addicted to porn and masturbation? Reboot your brain. Reboot your life. Brainbuddy is designed to rewire your brain, freeing you from sexual addiction so you become stronger, smarter and ha

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AutoWake. Smart Sleep Alarm 1.0

AutoWake is the first haptic smart alarm for your Watch. It can wake you up by tapping you on your wrist using your Watch's haptic engine. You can set it to wake you if you are in light or medium sleep either 15 or 30 minutes before your set alarm time.

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myPain Journal 1.09

Chronic pain robs you of your life or at least of your ability to live it the way you want. myPain Journal is a first step towards gaining that control back. Tracking your pain and your triggers allows you to understand and master your pain. Too many ti

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SeeBeNow 1.1.0

Experience yoga, meditation, mindfulness, community, rewards and much more on SeeBeNow App. - FREE TRIAL - Try SeeBeNow free for 30 days. Cancel Anytime. Accessible to all levels from beginner to advanced practictioner. - ALL ACCESS - Get access to hun

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Fittbe Daily Pilates Workouts 6.0

Pilates with Fittbe: Give yourself "The Gift of Fit!" Live your best fit life and give yourself unlimited Pilates video workouts in the palm of your hand. With an always expanding catalog of videos from Fittbe Pilates creator, Kira Elste, you will always

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Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor 5.130

Instant Heart Rate is an app that turns our Android into a heart rate monitor to measure our pulse.. It doesn’t need any external hardware since it uses the camera lens (and your finger) to gather all data required. It’s as easy as it sounds.

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Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App 3.14.1

Have access to lot of helpful features such as nutritional information and fetal development. Baby Center My Pregnancy Today is a useful Android tool for keeping track of your pregnancy. The first thing you need to do is to enter your baby's due date

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MyFitnessPal 7.30.1

Count the calories of your meals and create a healthy diet. This useful application helps you control your diet in an easy way. You need to register in order to use it, by adding your current and goal weight, your sex, height, birthday and daily activity.

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Clue - Health & Period Tracker 4.0.3

Period and ovulation tracking app, without the pink or the drama. Half the world deals with periods on a monthly basis. It was high time someone came up with a reliable, attractive tracking app that stayed the hell away from any shade of pink whatsoever.

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Dose Direct: medication, pill reminder and manager 1.0.1

Dose Direct aims to have you taking your medication at just the right time. When you first load up Dose Direct, you’re greeted with a happy orange smiley pill along with the Daily Timeline, where you can set-up the medication you or a loved one may

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