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WrdWrx 1.0

A game in which players work as a team to give clues and guess words. Teams are rewarded for the speed at which they work and the difficulty of the words they choose.

Free Size: :48M

Noble Man 1.0

A full-length, choice-based spy novel (text adventure RPG) where YOU play the characters! Play an ex-CIA agent who has gone rogue to fight human trafficking. Make choices for a kidnap victim. Play a ruthless killer for hire. Put yourself into the shoes o

Free Size: :80M

PicWords™ 2.13.1

If you like word games, you will love PicWords™ - it's a fun word game in which your goal is to find words that fit to the shown picture. Every picture has three words associated to it. You get all the letters of the words in random order and have to rea

Free Size: :119M

Word Search Puzzles + 1.2

New from the makers of Word Search +, the hit word search game with more than 5 million downloads! Word Search Puzzles + has even more free puzzles for you to enjoy. Play ten fresh categories every day for free! All our word lists were hand curated by me

Free Size: :27M

Build A Poem 1.7

"Build A Poem" is a turn based game, in which players write poems or song lyrics together. Each player takes turn and adds lines to the poem, making it the ultimate social interraction and experience. Once the poem is completed, poets can share it on Face

Free Size: :3M

Bi Kelime Bulmaca 1.2

Yepyeni bir Kelime Bulmaca oyunu Amaç, bulmaca içerisine gizlenmiş olan, verilen konuya uygun kelimeleri bulmak, Bu kelime bulmaca oyunu, kolay bölümlerle başlayıp gitgide zorlaşmaktadır. Bi Kelime oyunu ,size gittikçe zorlaşan yüzlerce benzersiz bulma

Free Size: :78M

Learning the Alphabet in Spanish for Kids 1.8

Educational App for Children "Learning the alphabet and to read in Spanish for kids" includes

Free Size: :36M

Patterns for smart kids 1.00

of concepts such as counting, adding or telling the time. Patterns for Smart kids is an application designed

Free Size: :42M

Keys Kids Play 1.03

Keys Kids Play is a fun toy kids can play while learning the instruments! Top 5 Apps of the Week

Free Size: :34M

Concentration - Kids Attention Trainer 1.6

is easy to use and challenging for kids. It helps children to improve their skills with different levels

Free Size: :71M