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Nail Salon™ 1.2.1

**Want to have a manicure? Come on, Spice up your nails with our new app, Nail Salon!** Create your very own manicure designs in Nail Salon. You could paint on different skin color,choose from loads of polish color collections to custom paint gorgeous na

Free Size: :62M

Masquerade 2.0.4

A simple game of pretence for three players. Can you pretend to be a kind of person you are not? Can you tell who is pretending and who is real? Choose a characteristic that two out of the three of you share and the remaining one will pretend to share.

Free Size: :5M

Emoji Swipe: Wham! 2.0

Ever wonder where all of those Emojis on keyboards come from? Emoji Land...of course! Enjoy a new way to interact with Emojis in this crazy addictive Match 3 style game. Enjoy amazing graphics, addictive game play, multiple levels, and fun music that is

Free Size: :24M

Elementary Minute 1.5.4

*** Apple Design Award 2015 winner *** Elementary Minute is an fast paced trivia game, where you are presented with statements from topics like Math, Geography or Science. Quickly swipe up or down to decide if the statement are true or false. Features:

Free Size: :55M

Magic Cookie 1.0.4

Magic Cookie is the NEW match-3 game with fruit and juice. It is easy and free for players all over the world. Begin the journey on the Happy Tree. You need to collect the fruit and help animals so that you can defeat the boss and win big rewards. Embark

Free Size: :53M

Jewels Crusher Hexagon 1.8.1

Fun and addictive Jewels Blitz Gold Hexagon game! It is easy and fun, but also quite challenging with hexagon style. If you really like the Jewels type of game, or also very love our before game Jewels Blitz Gold, then Jewels Blitz Gold Hexagon is total

Free Size: :16M

Box Blast - Pop To Finding Toy 1.0

Join the ultimate matching puzzle on fun world of Popy and help her collect the colorful toys and many more! Match two or more blocks of the same color to blast them and clear the level and collect the stuck toys. Crunch all the same colored cubes by usin

Free Size: :212M

Oh My Duckling! 1.2.0

《Oh My Duckling!》 calls out to the ladies all over the world: there are ducklings in need of your caring hearts. Give them enough pampering and they will reward you with a menagerie of colors, styles, and who knows what else! Find out the possibilities fo

Free Size: :48M

Smart Kids : Surviving in the Andes - Intelligent thinking activities to improve brain skills for your family and school 1.0

SMART KIDS: Exciting Adventures and Thinking Games. • For Kids from 6 to 10 years old. New & Unique on the App Store! • Tested by parents and teachers. Completely Kids Safe. Try before you buy: tons of FREE games and movies. Download now! CLEVER GAMES, C

Free Size: :96M

SongPop 2 - Guess The Song 2.8.6

Prove you're the one who knows more about music and challenge your friends. Song Pop is an extremely popular game that has arrived to Android ready to break records. You can access with your Facebook account or your mail, so you will be able to compe

Free Size: :143M