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Double Dash - Game For Kids 1.0

Double Dash - Game For Kids: Super addictive hard and challenging game. Play online and compete

Free Size: :62M

ABC KIDS listen 1.0

ABC KIDS listen is a dedicated audio app for preschoolers, brought to you by the ABC. Our aim

Free Size: :51M

Encyclopedia for Kids 3 1.5.0

This app series is a readable, playable, enjoyable audio reading material suits for kids of 3

Free Size: :122M

KidPass 1.7.3

KidPass is a monthly membership that enables parents to discover and book fun, educational

Free Size: :33M

Rad Rev Kids 1.0

Shopping just got easier! Be the first to know about deals, new products, and never miss our launch days again! Rad Rev started as a hobby and quickly turned into a business by our crazy instagram supporters and fans. As demand got high we knew we were o

Free Size: :43M

Skidos Bike Racing for Kids 1.1

- Stunningly beautiful environments - Leader-board Dear Teachers, Parents and Kids BIG NEW FEATURES IN ALL

Free Size: :419M

KidsCLICK 1.0.4

Join your favorite cartoon characters on the KidsCLICK App (the “App”) today! Explore hundreds

Free Size: :25M

Number Attack 1.1.1

Number attack is a simple and enjoyable maths game. Regular use will improve the speed at which you perform basic mathematical skills. Keeping your mind young and agile. For students, the application helps strengthen their basic mathematical which is ben

Free Size: :7M

Escape Particular Rooms If You Can 1.0.89

The purpose of this game is to break out of the spaces. If you like escape games, puzzle games or hidden object games you have something to look forward to.Test this game out and see for yourself. Features: Addicting mini puzzles. Dozens of puzzles

Free Size: :43M

Sevimli Dostlar Güçlen Geride Kalma 1.0

Sevimli Dostlar kahramanlarından Şaşkın Ördek ile eğitici ve eğlenceli bir oyun daha sizi bekliyor. Kahvaltı masasında, karnını doyurmak isteyen Şaşkın Ördek, çocuklardan yardım istiyor. Masada duran peynir, zeytin, yumurta, süt v.b. yiyecekleri yedikçe

Free Size: :42M