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Fit Brains Trainer 5.1.6 for iphone

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Description :

"Don't stunt your brain's development"


Fits Brain Trainer is an app which keeps your brain on the ball. It's got a load of different activities designed to keep your mind active on a daily basis. The app covers different areas like concentration, problem solving, memory, speed and different types of vocabulary exercises which are all quite addictive.

Train your brain every day and share your results with other users. You'll also find out which topics are your strong points and then you can let everyone know! While you play, you'll be improving your score and you'll move up to the next level where you'll notice the difficulty increases too.


It's a really thorough app with an attractive and minimalist design. You can use it again and again without it becoming tiresome. Fit Brains Trainer also adapts its exercises to your demographic profile.


There are some great similar apps which are popular already. But Fit Brains Trainer could compete perfectly well with them; it's got a professional appearance and apart from being great for keeping your brain working well, it's completely engrossing.

Game your way to smarts in minutes a day

Original Review from Jul 03, 2013

Concerned that all the constant Facebook browsing's got your noggin a little sluggish? A daily session with Fit Brains Trainer might be just what the doctor ordered. Its variety of simple games are a casual way to sharpen your thinking skills.

The app suggests an area to concentrate in each day based on what you've previously been practicing - do you need to improve your concentration, or should you focus on problem solving? The games are all based around solving as many puzzles of increasing difficulty as you can before time runs out, making them quick hits of mental exercise that you can easily fit into your schedule.

Fit Brains Trainer keeps track of your statistics from each session, allowing you to view your progress over time. It's also possible to track yourself in comparison to other users on the same device, inviting the possibility for a little friendly brainpower competition.

The app doesn't allow access to many of the games without paying, however, which severely restricts how many areas of the brain you'll supposedly be able to train. The graphics are also lacking the sleek design of other brain training apps out there. Finally, the games are perhaps too simplistic for all but the most novice of puzzlers - they're good for a session or two at most, and certainly won't hold your interest for as long as it would take to notice an appreciable result.

If you've never tried out an app designed to improve your mental acuity, Fit Brains Trainer is a good place to check out what's possible within the genre.

Original rating: 5.0/10

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Download Fit Brains Trainer - Version: 5.1.6

Fit Brains Trainer

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