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Egg Baby for iphone

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Description :
Raise your own personal brood of adorable Eggs

Are you nostalgic for your Tamagotchi? Say hello to Egg Baby, the app that lets you adopt a similarly cutesy high-maintenance digital pet.

Your Egg Baby is totally customizable - you begin by simply choosing its initial type and adding objects to its appearance, but how you raise the little critter determines what it hatches into as well. Happy, well-fed, well-rested, and clean eggs will grow up into amazing creatures that you can collect in your backyard.

The wide variety of objects available for interaction with your Egg is a big upgrade on the old two-button digital pet platform - will you feed your Egg an apple, a sushi boat, or a ball of bacon? The game is well-programmed and the graphics are fittingly adorable.

The app's constant push notifications to feed and tickle and bathe your Eggs can admittedly get a bit annoying. However, if you're the kind of person who already loves to take care of minimalistic digital beasties, you'll love Egg Baby - adopt one today.

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Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

Get ready for Cute Overload with ~*Egg Baby*~, the ultra cute, fun, and addictive virtual pet that everyone's been talking about! Do you have what it takes to keep your egg healthy and happy all the way to hatch time?

Eggs need care, maintenance, and companionship! Feed, wash, tickle, and put your egg to bed every day to keep it healthy and it will GIVE YOU COINS. A healthy egg is a wealthy egg - keep the meters all green and your egg squeaky clean! Don't forget, these cuties also love dressing up, reading books, and playing minigames (another great way to earn some coins)!

Everything you do with your egg changes its personality a little bit, and depending on its personality, it hatches into a variety of gift-giving creatures that hang out in your backyard! Can you collect them all?


- Adopt your pet Egg from a variety of adorable Egg Types!

- Dress up your Egg in a huge selection of cute and embarrassing outfits that they have no choice but to love!

- Take care of your Egg: Feed, Clean, Tickle, Decorate, and Read to your Egg or it will be very lonely (and die).

- Put your Egg to bed, or it will lose health (EGGS CAN DIE, GUYS)!

- Play with your Egg (MINI GAMES, YAY!) and keep it alive, happy and healthy until it's ready to hatch!

- EACH Egg Type hatches into 6 DIFFERENT CREATURES based on how you take care of it! HOLY HATS THAT'S A LOT OF CREATURES!

- Keep creatures in your backyard and they'll give you gifts to help you raise an adorable little army of EGG FRIENDS.

Need more help? Maybe some handy tips? Visit us online at:
We are very friendly. Also we are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: @eggverse

Download and see if it's all it's hatched up to be! Hehehe.

Download Egg Baby - Version:

Egg Baby

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