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Description :

"Become the beat down master"


With the goal being to resurrect the brawling experience on mobile, developer cleaversoft brings Edo Superstar. Take control of a monkey whose heart is set on becoming the greatest martial arts warrior ever. You’ll swipe on the screen to move, as well as swipe and hold to run. You’ll take on enemies, tapping on the screen in the direction to attack. Edo Superstar brings tap and swipe based gestures to combat, so prepare for a learning curve, as you’ll swipe at the enemy for combos, level-up, gain stat points, and learn new martial arts skills to become the absolute best.


Edo Superstar does a great job of reminding old-school gamers (like myself) of 8 and 16 bit brawlers, and sports a wonderful samurai soundtrack, a helpful and effective tutorial, and overall a game that’s fun to play in short bursts.


Be prepared to bear through the strong learning curve just to master the combos, with this reviewer wishing for much better controls, and some repetitive fighting gameplay that might turn off some gamers.

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Edo Superstar

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