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Description :

Choy is an addicting game where you try to solve word puzzles in 15 moves or less. The fewer guesses needed, the higher your score. There is no luck of the wheel, so you win or lose based on pure skill.

Play solo or against friends.

Thousands of puzzles promise hours of fun and challenging games.

Categories include:

* Food & drink
* Celebrities
* Movie quotes
* Common phrases
* Shakespeare quotes
* Song lyrics
* Geography

Funnily Asked Questions

Q: If your homeboy Confucius were alive today, would he still be a philosopher?

A: Nope. Not practical. Then what ... poet? Physicist? Reality TV star? All reasonable guesses, but all wrong. Confucius would be a rapper.

He would be the Chinese version of Biggie. Think about it. Confucius naturally meets many rapper prerequisities: tons of groupies (they were called concubines in his time); poor English grammar; excessive jewelry; and, of course, inspires people with words. All he needs are a few gold teeth, a pimped out ride, and a stupid-smart name like con.fu.zius. Instant stardom.


Q: We dislike the cliche, "as easy as taking candy from a baby." Your thoughts?

A: We're not fans, either. First, it's wrong to take candy from a baby. More importantly, it's stupid. Babies are always surrounded by adults -- and usually overly protective parents.

Taking candy from a baby is not easy. It's hard. Really hard. We know because we have tried many times. In the park. In the supermarket. In the mall.

The moment you grab the candy, the baby will start crying. Adults rush you and start getting judgmental about your character and maybe your parents' character, too.Acting all self-righteous like they have never mugged babies before. Instead of babies, we advise taking candy from retirees. Specifically ones leaving Denny's since they may have food coma (and potentially stomach cramps if they ordered the "fresh" salmon special).


Q: Chinese kids are cute, but whatupyo with rice bowl haircuts?

A: The ugly haircuts are about promoting harmony, underscoring how everything in Chinese culture revolves around the family unit.

Rice bowl haircuts are like frat hazing -- but for families. The humiliating experience is designed to bond siblings together and with their parents. To foster unbreakable relationships that withstand hardships like famine, Dad's bathroom bombs, and Facebook outages.

The flip side is not every child advances beyond hazing. Much like a frat, only the best pledges move on. The weaker ones are shipped to Foxconn for a lifetime of iPhone assembly. When someone from China claims to have two kids, it technically means two children have passed initiation while others may be in trials. To demonstrate your mastery of Chinese culture, next time you see Chinese parents, ask them, "How many children do you have?" Then follow up with, "Marvelous. And how many are in trials?"

Download Choy Premium - Version: 10.68

Choy Premium

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