Basecamp 3 3.8.1

Organize your projects all in one place. Now, with Basecamp 3, all of your project management needs are centralized in one convenient location. You can convene group chats, respond to other users' projects and provide feedback, all with a few taps o

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Glassdoor Job Search 6.0.1

Write reviews of current or previous employers (totally anonymously), good or bad. Sometimes you just wish you could warn future employees about the actual work environment of previous jobs. Your wish has come true. Hello, Glassdoor. Write a review of a

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Slack 3.35

Here's one seriously effective tool for any small business. Slack is a way to bring a team together--to share documents, keep updated, or just share motivational quotes. It can't replace face-to-face contact, but it will almost feel like your c

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HotSchedules 4.73.0

While limited to registered HotSchedules users, this app offers a quick and easy way to manage employee schedules as well as a host of other features not found in other apps. HotSchedules, available for Android and iOS devices, is a mobile employee sched

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SmartDental 1.1

Aplikacja oferuje zdalny dostęp do terminarza wizyt pacjentów dla gabinetów stomatologicznych korzystających z oprogramowania SmartDental. Pozwala umawiać pacjentów na wizyty, edytować wizyty oraz usuwać je za pośrednictwem urządzeń iPhone oraz iPad.

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The B app 1.0.6

The Bee app is a commercial beekeeping management software and mobile application, to control and monitor your apiaries business. It includes activity tracking and reporting tools for effective and efficient beekeeping management to have full control from

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Logo` Design & Intro Maker App 1.0.10

Logo Maker is the amazing app to create logo on your iPhone, Create stunning logos, icons and Symbols. This app helps you visualize the design of your brand in some steps without any design experience. Some Features of Logo Maker - Beautiful Logo templ

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Admanager+ 1.0.3

ADMANAGER Uygulaması TEKNOONE TEKNOLOJİ AŞ tarafından geliştirilen Türkiye’de Alışveriş ve E-Ticaret alanında yeni bir soluk getirmeyi hedeflediği son derece kullanışlı ara yüzü ile muhteşem bir uygulamadır. Türkiye çapında irili ufaklı onlarca, alışveriş

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Rollingtrans ELD 1.1

Rollingtrans ACCURATE ONE ELD is ELD Mandate compliant driver E Logbook App. An one stop ELD Solution and fleet management system that provides easier ways to make your drivers, managers, and your company more productive on the road. E-Logbook Rollingtra

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MyVerify 1.3.6

Complete MyVerify application process in 5 steps: 1> Enter your service code 2> Validate your SMS & PIN 3> Take a photo of the front of your ID 4> Take a photo of the back of your ID 5> Take a photo of yourself MyVerify onboarding application was built b

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