Block Puzzle Wood 1.2.0

Most popular puzzle game! Place the pieces into board. Once you fill in a vertical or horizontal line, it will disappear, freeing up space for new pieces. Game will be over if there are no space for any the given blocks below the board. Easy to play and

Free Size: :31M

Chess Challenge Elite 1.0

Chess is a board game for two players. It is played on a square board, made of 64 smaller squares, with eight squares on each side. Each player starts with sixteen pieces: eight pawns, two knights, two bishops, two rooks, one queen and one king. The goal

Free Size: :105M

Smash Up - The Card Game 1.08.9

***“It’s a goofy theme with fun art and high replayability, but beneath that veneer of casual play is a great middle weight card game that lives on the line between hardcore gamer and casual enjoyment.” —Jonathan Bolding “The Escapist” ***“Smash Up is sm

Free Size: :97M

Mayan Blocks Puzzle 1.0.9

Mayan Blocks is an addictive and challenging puzzle game. Only 2% of players reached 1500 points. Relax and stimulate your brain with this new exciting brain teaser. Easy to learn and hard to master, Mayan Blocks will entertain you for countless hours.

Free Size: :141M

Gloomhaven Campaign Tracker 1.5.1

With the Gloomhaven Campaign Tracker, it is possible to keep track of the game progress in the board game Gloomhaven. This is particularly useful when you want to play several campaigns in parallel or just manage your own character. For each campaign you

Free Size: :43M

Zombies, Run! Board Game 1.3

The companion app for Zombies, Run! The Board Game, the thrilling real-time audio-driven co-op game for 1-4 players from the makers of the hit game Zombies, Run! Prepare your team for a frantic sprint across a zombie-infested island! Rescue survivors, un

Free Size: :861M

Mbrane 1.0

Harnessing the power of Sudoku, Mbrane transforms the puzzle into a multiplayer, deterministic strategy game of pure skill. In the same class as games like Chess, Go & Othello, Mbrane takes strategy to a new level. Gameplay combines the excitement of Risk

Free Size: :162M

Bubble Pop Fun - Match 3 Games 1.20.0

Shooting bubbles to rescue the trapped stars! A classic and hot match-3 puzzle game, let you enjoy the fun and relax time! Bubble Pop Fun Features: - Colorful bubbles! - Hundreds of challenging levels! - Daily free coins and passing level award! - No ne

Free Size: :37M

Guess Friends: A Guessing Game 1.2

Guess Friends is a Guessing Game....About People You Know. ******HOW TO PLAY******* - Challenge a friend online - Using your mutual friends on Facebook, you both select a "Secret Friend." - Take turns asking "Yes or No" questions (ex: "Does your pers

Free Size: :40M

Find Your Mind 1.1

Memory Game. Do you think that you have a good memory? Are you ready to prove it? If yes, "Find your mind" is exactly what you are looking for. You'll meet the master of the memory and his six assistants. At first game will be simple, but get ready for

Free Size: :15M