Birth Control Reminder, Pills Ring Patch. The Pill

Birth Control Reminder, Pills Ring Patch. The Pill 1.8 for iphone

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Description :

Birth Control Reminder is an easy-to-use and reliable app that helps you to take your pills every day at the time you choose. It has a Pre-Alarm and an Auto-Snooze feature to make sure you don't forget to take your pills. It tracks the remaining quantity and shows a refill alert when running low. The number of pills per packet is customizable, so is compatible with all birth control pill types. It also helps to remind you to use your ring or patch. The app doesn't need to be running in order to receive notifications.

• 3 birth control methods supported (Pills, Ring or Patch)
• Can be used with all birth control pill types (21/7, 24/4, 28, 35, 84/7, etc.)
• Reminders to take your placebo (non active) pills
• Configurable reminder message, allows discretion when getting notified
• Pre-Alarms: Be notified prior to the actual time
• Auto-Snooze: Allows to repeat the alarm at regular intervals (e.g. 1 min, 10 mins, 30 mins) until you take action
• Option to Snooze or mark it as Done directly from lock screen or notification banners
• Take notes every day for reference
• 24 built-in alarm sounds
• Refill alerts when running low
• Backup and restore all data on the same device or multiple devices
• Password Protection

• Notifications are local, you don't require internet
• App doesn't need to be open to receive notifications
• Universal App, full native support for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

• Pre-Alarms, Auto-Snooze, Snooze, and Password Protection are available in the full version
• You can get the full version with no ads through the in-app purchase

Download Birth Control Reminder, Pills Ring Patch. The Pill - Version: 1.8

Birth Control Reminder, Pills Ring Patch. The Pill

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