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Description :

[Discontinuation notice and apology]
Yahoo Japan has decided to discontinue the Avatar Phone app, effective April 22nd, 2016.
We deeply apologize to all of you who have used our app, and would like to extend our sincere thanks for supporting us for so long.
We will redouble our efforts to offer apps which respond to your needs, and hope that you will continue to support Yahoo Japan in the future.

A world first! Enjoy calling and chatting using an avatar that reads your facial expressions and matches them in real time!

Avatar Phone allows you to turn into an avatar who moves along with your own facial expressions, letting you experience a completely new type of communication app with calls and chat.

The app analyzes your facial expression in real time as it is recorded by the camera.
If you smile, the avatar’s eyes will turn into hearts.
If you make an angry face, anger marks will appear.
And if you yawn, a snot bubble and drool will appear on the face of the avatar.

Once you have found your favorite avatar through random matching, have a conversation on video chat and give it a try.
Because you can express yourself just by using facial expressions through your avatar, you can have a safe and fun conversation without ever showing anyone your actual face.
In text chat, you aren’t stuck with text alone because an avatar stamp lets you dynamically express your feelings.

More than one billion unique avatars can be created.
You can create a cute avatar and dress it up or use one of the many original avatars.
Animals, squid, robots, aliens and … Get this: even tissues can be avatars!?

Not only that, you can also become your avatar, film a movie of your avatar speaking and share it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Niconico and so on.
It's very easy to create a video of your avatar singing or talking.

With Avatar Phone you can find friends with similar interests, create a special avatar and share some great videos, use it with your regular friends and discover another side of yourself.
How you enjoy it is totally up to you!

* iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad mini 2 or later is recommended for best performances.

Download Avatar Phone - Version: 1.7.0

Avatar Phone

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