Arcade & Action

Monster Jam Jam 1.0

Mutant monsters duke it out in this glorified Rock-Paper-Scissors. The story is that Behold Studios took just 24 hours (plus "a lot of pizzas, chocolate milk and sodas") to conceive, design, program, and release Monster Jam - a madcap effort of

Free Size: :57M

Dawn of the Plow 1.1.0

Clear the way of snow blocks and shepherd cars home. Some of we, Southerners, had to experience the latest Polar Vortex to realize how important a plow is to guarantee that people's lives go on. Maybe that's what inspired Dan FitzGerald (Trichot

Free Size: :21M

Motocross Mayhem 1.2

A motocross trick game for your mobile device.. Motocross Mayhem loads up on the tricks and environments. Though the replay potential might be limited due to the static nature of the gameplay, there's still enough here to hold one's attention f

Free Size: :260M

Shades: A Simple Puzzle Game 1.3.1

A puzzle that'll make you reactly quickly and plan strategies. Fans of brainteasers are all over this type of game. Shades is a new, revamped version of the classic puzzle, where your only aim is to survive for as long as possible and get the highes

Free Size: :44M

Kunin 1.0.1

Are you good at ninja training?. Do you love Ninja games? Kunin is a fun action ninja training game with fast-paced graphics. In this thrilling new game, you will need to make a great use of your reflexes and use your ninja skills to kill your targets and

Free Size: :37M

Stop Sneeze 3

For God's sake, don't let him sneeze!. Stop Sneeze is a simple, funny game for all ages where your only goal is to prevent Ted, the main character, from sneezing. Hold on, don't think that the task is simple; because it isn't. How do

Free Size: :63M

Jewel Cut Ninja 1.1.4

Slice all the jewels and earn lots of coins. Jewel Cut Ninja is a fast-paced slicing game where instead of matching jewels, your task consists of breaking them in various pieces. Swipe across the screen to slice the gems and don't let any jewel fall

Free Size: :53M

Gesture Dance 1.5.1

Another app for dance lovers. There are a lot of games and apps dedicated to dance. Here's another one that doesn't really challenge for the title of the best of the bunch, although it might be able to provide a few hours of entertainment. The

Free Size: :48M

Mage Defense 1.5

A tower defense game set on a fantasy land. Mage Defense is unsurprisingly a defense game in which you have to deploy your 'towers' along a path to prevent enemies from reaching your base. In this case, 'towers' are fantasy characters

Free Size: :14M

Disney Emoji Blitz 1.17

Disney Emoji Blitz will have you unlocking new characters in this fun match-3 puzzler. In their take on the match-3 puzzle genre, Disney Emoji Blitz for the iOS and Android will have you first choosing an emoji to select, each with their own power-ups: S

Free Size: :316M