Arcade & Action

Bricks – Arcade Game 2.0

A classic idea, an innovative gameplay. Konstantin Gonikman's Bricks lays out a simple yet addictive gameplay which is a revision of the puzzle genre. It may look and feel like a reminescence of classic Arkanoid. However, it adds new elements to the

Free Size: :24M

RunBot - Parkour Running Game 3.1.7

Futuristic endless robot runner/flyer atop infinite skyscrapers. Run! Run! Run endlessly for your freedom! Guide a robot on the lamb away from his killing protocol and towards sweet, sweet liberty in Marvelous Games' RunBot. It's an endless runn

Free Size: :186M

Arcane Knight 2.2

A great game, but it comes at the price of size.. Arcane Knight mixes together an endless runner with a fighter. You have to tap and slash your way through the game. THE PROS This game is very well constructed and put together. There are great sounds tha

Free Size: :148M

Dulces Bocados 3.8.1

Bits of Sweets brings a kid-friendly match-3 puzzler with great graphics. In Bits of Sweets for the Android and iOS, you’ll mix and match delicious sweets on your device. Sticking close to the formula set by other match-3 puzzles, you’ll swip

Free Size: :113M

Lode Runner 1 1.0.5

Nexon provides a fresh remake of the Lode Runner classic. It’s time to go for the gold, literally. In Lode Runner 1, Nexon Company’s remake of the original, you’ll use the on-screen controls to run, climb, and swing across bars to colle

Free Size: :167M

The Wonder Cat 1.2.0

A colorful arcade game featuring a jumpy cat. The Wonder Cat introduces an endearing animal in a dangerous and wild nature world. Do you want to help the cat return home? Choose between task and fast mode and guide the cat through various scenes while tra

Free Size: :41M

Tales of the Rays 1.1.3

Unsheathe your sword and take back your world. Once again, the world is about to be destroyed. Thankfully you and a female colleague are out to save the one, one sword slash at a time. In Tales of the Rays for the Android and iOS, you’ll control Ix

Free Size: :215M

Steampunk Tower 1.6.0

An original and Steampunk themed tower defense game. Steampunk Tower is strictly a tower defense game: you place defense structures and let enemies come and die in vain. However, there are two key features that make the difference: the Steampunk theme, wh

Free Size: :130M

Ninja GO : Infinite Jump 1.3.2

A casual vertical endless runner. Super Awesome's Ninja GO: Infinite Jump is a very convenient time-killer, the kind of game you enjoy the most playing on your downtime. The premise is simple: you have to make a ninja jump over cloud platforms and g

Free Size: :88M


You’ll have to reach the end without falling down or dying. In MAPSI, you’ll guide your cute voxel character across different stages. While things start off simple enough, you’ll soon encounter levels filled with dangerous obstacles, li

Free Size: :148M