Arcade & Action

Sonic Dash 3.7.7

Get the hang of the controls. Put into Sonic's shoes -paws- and experience this fast-paced game where hundreds of obstacles will come into your way. You need to run as far as you can and as quickly as you're able to, dodging the obstacles and en

Free Size: :183M

Bike Race: Motorcycle Racing 7.15.3

Control the bike, run, steer and do stunts!. Bike Race Free - Top Free Game is a physics bike game where you need to steer the bike as it rides through the levels, by pressing on the screen to accelerate and brake and tilting the device to lean it. There

Free Size: :123M

Torque Burnout 2.0.4

The best parts of many driving games combined into one handy game.. In Torque Burnout, you'll have to drive like a complete maniac to win. You'll compete against other drivers in order to win points to upgrade your car. THE PROS Extremely reali

Free Size: :784M

Ball King 2.0.6

Some glitches take away from what this game could be.. Ball King puts you on the throne as you try to make your way through this game as a skeleton. Shot and score with any number of balls to progress throughout the platforms. THE PROS The visuals, espec

Free Size: :74M

LINE Rangers 5.1.4

A thrilling and complete defense game for fans of well-designed games.. LINE Rangers is an action-defense game featuring the popular LINE characters we've all learnt to love. Sally has been kidnapped by aliens and you need to rescue her with the help

Free Size: :98M

Hovercrash 1.3.1

Swipe at just the right time in this high-speed, challenging racing game. When I first played Hovercrash, I was instantly reminded of another classic high-speed racer: F-Zero. Although you won’t face off against other racers here, and right after c

Free Size: :71M

Dig Deep! 1.5

A great game that will lure you in and keep you there.. In Dig Deep!, you have to go throughout the mine to find all the gold. Unfortunately, there are traps in your way. THE PROS With a really fast gameplay, you are never going to feel bored or tired of

Free Size: :29M

Gingerliness 1.15

A fast-paced and difficulty game of reflexes that you need to play with your voice. Gingerliness is a fast-paced and fun game of reflexes that is original because of how the controls work. How to play: the objective of the game is to eat all the beans as

Free Size: :27M

Clumzee: Endless Climb 1.0.3

A satisfying physics game with cute characters and smooth performance. Clumzee: Endless Climb is a cute reflexes game with a colorful design and a collection of endearing characters. Help Clumzee work his way up and prevent him from falling into the mons

Free Size: :183M

Dropu - the addictive puzzle game! 1.2

A new twist on the Tetris genre. Ricardo Fonseca's Dropu is a reminiscence of the classic Tetris with some variations in gameplay that make it more suitable for mobile devices. The gameplay is straightforward: you must place falling squared bricks ac

Free Size: :10M