Arcade & Action

Eggggg - O vomitador de plataforma 1.5.3

Egggg brings simple cartoony platform gameplay with a green touch. Gilbert doesn’t like eggs. He’s actually highly allergic to them. So much so that he’s now puking vomit. In Eggggg, you’ll help Gilbert escape from his aunt Doris

Free Size: :366M

Dash till Puff 2 1.3.12

A fun game and great music, what more could you want?. Bounce, fly, and jump your way through this magical world and try to get as far as you possibly can in this endless runner. Each attempt will bring you a different setting, so beware! THE PROS The mu

Free Size: :86M

LINE PokoPoko 1.6.3

A simple puzzle with many levels ahead. Line PokoPoko is a popular puzzle game featuring colorful blocks which need to be matched. Navigate through the different stages and reach the target in every new level. Remember that you can purchase special items

Free Size: :251M

Frantic Shooter 2.0

Frantic Shooter brings sharp cartoony graphics and fast-paced shooting gameplay. In Frantic Shooter, you’ll have to shoot your way through wave after wave of alien monsters that want you gone. Using the on-screen controls, you’ll be able to a

Free Size: :144M

Sally's Law 1.1.15

Travel through platforming levels with unexpected help from the man upstairs. Sally’s Law is meant to showcase a life journey that’s filled with good circumstances, and wonderful fortune. In this iOS and Android game, you’ll control Sal

Free Size: :364M

Ace of Tennis 1.0.18

It's got some poor controls, but it's the same game as always. There are loads of games based on tennis, so if we had to choose one, it wouldn't be this one. Ace of Tennis is focused on tennis matches, but it's got a load of stuff goi

Free Size: :70M

Paper Train: Rush 1.2

A fun, colorful ever-running game with impeccable graphics. Do you love endless runners? Paper Train: Rush brings you everything you can expect from a game of the kind. Try to survive for a long time and collect as many coins as you can by changing lanes

Free Size: :97M

What Jump 2.1.2

What’s Jumping tests your tapping reflexes, providing easy gameplay great for killing time. In What’s Jumping, you’re a one-eyed, intelligent box who knows how to jump. Your job is to see how long you can last without hitting another bo

Free Size: :202M

Jurassic Hopper: Crossy Dinosaur Shooter Game 1.1

It’s your job to navigate through this prehistoric modern world with dinosaurs. Why did the human cross the road? To escape the velociraptor that was chasing him down. In Jurassic Hopper for the iOS and Android, you’ll be swiping on the scree

Free Size: :144M

Cartoon Survivor - Jurassic Adventure Runner 1.5

Accelerometer controls are divisive, but they work in Cartoon Survivor. There's only one control method here, and it involves tilting your device from side to side. OK, it's a little hectic, but guiding Doo Doo onto springs and platforms wasn&#

Free Size: :477M