Annoying Orange: Splatter Up!

Annoying Orange: Splatter Up! 1.1.2 for iphone

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Description :

"Annoying Orange Is Back!"


You can't escape annoying orange's clever quips this time. March your way across the kitchen and slaughter some fruit in your wake. While the game is now without its problems, it certainly provides an adequate amount of hilarious game play.


Who doesn't love all those little Annoying Orange characters and their funny bits of conversation? The graphics are well rendered and the sound works well. There's also plenty of variety to the game play experience to keep the player engaged.


There is a large ad in the bottom corner that blinks annoyingly at you as you play the game. It's a bit intrusive. The controls are also a bit buggy and the swing doesn't always connect.

Download Annoying Orange: Splatter Up! - Version: 1.1.2

Annoying Orange: Splatter Up!

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